The Graduate Collection

The Residence 9 Graduate Collection is a range of colours and shades to suit different architectural periods and individual choices.

17th Century windows were oak and left unpainted, whilst 19th Century windows were always painted. The inspirational dual colours can transform your home room by room, creating your perfect solution, this is your Residence 9. 

Authentic colours and finishes

  • Grained White
  • Cotswold Biscuit
  • Clotted Cream
  • Cotswold Green
  • Painswick
  • English Oak
  • Irish Oak
  • Silvered Oak
  • Eclectic Grey
  • No 10 Black
  • Corse Lawn

Mixed colours

Your R9 windows can be truly personalised with dual colours. For example, you could have "Clotted Cream" on the outside and "English Oak" on the inside to match your kitchen decor. Experiment by room, if your windows are "Cotswold Green", but that doesn't match your bedroom or bathroom furnishings, then go for a fresh "Grained White" finish inside. Dual Colours can also be used to create a Tudor style, try "No.10 Black" frames with "Grained White" sashes or vice versa!

 Grained WhiteCotswold BiscuitClotted CreamCotswold GreenPainswickEnglish OakIrish OakSilvered OakEclectic Grey
Grained White gw-gw                
Cotswold Biscuit cb-gw cb-cb              
Clotted Cream cc-gw   cc-cc            
Cotswold Green cg-gw     cg-cg          
Painswick pw-gw   p-cc   p-p        
English Oak eo-gw         eo-eo      
Irish Oak io-gw           io-io    
Silvered oak so-gw             so-so  
Eclectic Grey eg-gw         eg-eo      eg-eg
No 10 Black nb-gw nb-cb       nb-eo      
Corse Lawn cl-gw                
inside-col outside-col

Foiled "Easy Clean" rebates

Residence 9 is intelligently designed with an easy clean rebate which is fully foiled to match the chosen internal colour of your window. This unique design makes it easy to wipe clean by avoiding sharp corners, which attract dirt. A classic design, for modern living.