The classical design of Georgian Windows have high quality, symmetrical detailing and an unmistakable style that offer delightful charm to the architecture of this period. Our Georgian design contains the same iconic and beautiful detailing, meticulously recreated to preserve the character of your property.

Foiled Easy Clean Rebates

The unique design of the Residence 9 frame makes it easy to wipe clean, by avoiding sharp corners which attract dirt. The rebate is fully foiled to match the chosen internal colour of your window. Perfectly simple and attractive, for modern living.


As well as stunning aesthetics, your Residence 9 windows have unquestionable market leading design features and performance. Residence 9 achieves a certified window energy A+ rating and accommodates the most thermally and acoustically efficient 44mm triple glazing and 28mm double glazing, attaining U-values of 0.8 with triple glazing, PassivHaus Standard and 1.2 with double glazing, far surpassing the British Building Regulation requirements. Contributing to lower energy bills, keeping you cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

Manufacturing Techniques

Residence 9 embraces modern manufacturing, therefore two techniques of British craftsmanship can be offered. A mechanical manufacturing technique is where the joints butt together to replicate timber and a more modern manufacture is where the corners are welded which fuses the joints diagonally. Both offer the same features and benefits of Residence 9, albeit with a differing finished appearance.