Residence 9 is an eclectic blend of traditional aesthetics and innovative design. Whatever period your property is we know your Residence 9 windows and doors will look great, as we copied historical design and considered conservation guidelines, which authentically replicate the traditional timber sightlines. You'll immediately notice the benefits of the thermally efficient 9 chamber design and modern glazing, whilst remaining the character of your home, traditionally transformed by Residence 9.

Weatherbar/Mullion Stiffener

19th Century timber windows often had a raised moulding that ran horizontally that looked distinctive and gave the windows depth and character. Its function was to shed dripping water and to increase the strength of the mullion, that’s why Residence 9 recreated the feature. Available externally, internally or both, it offers additional rigidity and a superb aesthetic upgrade. 

Deep Decorative Detailing

Residence 9 has a 100mm frame depth (most modern windows are only 70mm) and creates a sleek external finish, whereas the internal shape and depth is decorative and gives an elegant and distinctively deep appearance to the strong section

Authentic Cill Detail

The Radlington Cill is the modern interpretation of an old timber cill, deeper nosed than its counterparts, it has been exclusively designed to authentically accompany your Residence 9 windows and doors so you can recreate that stunning traditional look, in both modern and period homes.

Recent Installations

A significant number of installation companies throughout the UK have quickly realised the potential of Residence 9 and taken stock of the product. The public have been just as quick to embrace the system so we can therefore show you numerous completed projects.   

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